We are currently developing our agricultural business in field of popular plant growth promoters and fertilizers and biological fungicides based on Trichoderma Asperellum.

What is Trichoderma Asperellum?

  • Trichoderma spp. -> 100 species
  • Cosmopolitan filamentous fungus that colonizes various different soil types
  • T. polysporum & T. minutisporum -> species from cold areas
  • T. aureoviride only in North Europe and England
  • T. harzianum and T. asperellum -> real cosmopolitans!
  • T. reesei: for the commercial production of enzymees (cellulases, hemicellulases, proteases, glucanases)

We have concentrated our business on one specific strain of Trichoderma Asperellum – strain T34. We are offering to our customers products that has been developed and produced by our long-term partner and supplier – KWIZDA Agro GmbH

Ps Perfect Pro

Trifender Pro

Xilon GR

Artis Pro