Animal repellent “Trico” is produced in Austria by Kwizda Agro GmbH.

Systemseparation Ltd holds reseller rights in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Trico” is a natural product- oil in water emulsion, active substance- sheep fat. Odor based protection, which is very efficient.

Available in 10 L canister, ready to use formulation.

Spray able with common knapsack sprayers which ensures high speed and efficiency. Possible to treat coniferous and deciduous trees.

For best result we recommend to spray top growth 1-2 times per year ( effect 6-8 months) and stems against debarking.

Consumption 10-20 l/ha.

Effective against roe deer, red deer and moose.

5 years of experience by using “Trico” in Sweden, with decent result, gives confidence to protect forest seedlings in Baltic states.

Price – up to 600 l- 13,5 eur/l

Trico garden

Repellent for the prevention of damages caused by came in home gardens, ornamental gardens and in fruit tree orchards. Ready to use mixture, sprayable colorless liquid.

Consumption 100-200 ml/100m².
1 L package.
Price 26,6 eur/l